Buildups of dirt will have begun to dull your paint, stain your sidewalks, and make your deck look dirty, no matter how much you hose it down. A pressure washer is able to spray water with much more force than a regular garden hose, and is capable of getting rid of that embedded dirt and grime with ease! While you are able to rent a pressure washer yourself, they can be quite expensive and sometimes even dangerous in the wrong hands. There are plenty of instances where homeowners have attempted a DIY pressure wash and have inadvertently ended up peeling the paint right off of the side of their house! 

To save money, time, and the potential for costly accidents, give a pressure washing contractor like Handyman Solutions a call! We have the experience to quickly and efficiently clean your property and make it look sparkling and new again, all at a reasonable cost!

We also provide Industrial & Commercial Services

A clean parking lot, sidewalk, and storefront will make your building look more attractive and help bring you more customers! For some businesses, your building or store front is your first impression. A clean building or store front could make the difference between a customer coming in, or going somewhere else!