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High and Low Pressure Washing for Raleigh-Cary-Durham NC and Surrounding Towns

One of the most impactful and cost-effective envestments you can make to your home is to give the exterior a good cleaning.  Exterior house cleaning adds instant adding curb appeal.  Exterior cleaning can make your siding, concrete, wood, look like new again by removing the film of embedded dirt and grime, as well as mold, mildew tree sap, bird droppings, spider webs and more.


Different Exterior Cleaning Process For Different Materials

It is very important that you are careful in your seleftion of an exterior cleaning service.  Unlike home power washing machines, professional power washing equipment is much stronger.  Inproper use of pressure washers can cause damage.

  • Using a high-pressure washer on older wood (especially soft wood like pressure-trested pine used for decks and porches) can result in wood damage, especially splinters, requiring sanding or no bare feet.
  • Using a high-pressure washer on some brick and stone work can remove some of the cement/mortar, requiring tuckpointing repairs.
  • Using bleach on painted surfaces can result in faded paint and kill lawns

Specific Cleaning Solutions Available

Stepping Up The Game For Specific Exterior Cleaning Problems

We never use bleach for power washing. Our "go to" house wash solvent for power washing homes is 100% biodegradable and is designed to remove dirt and grease easily without the need of high pressure washing.  We have been using it for years with great success- it makes our jobs easier, it gets the homes cleaner, it won't bleach or fade your paint, and it is environmentally friendly.

We offer specific cleaning solutions for specific cleaning issues upon request.  Make sure you remember to request one of our special solvents, as each is priced differently and we default to using our house wash on most projects.


Roof Cleaner

Cleaning a roof is a different process and requires a special cleaner that can penetrate the dirt, mold and mildew on the shingles without damagining the shingles or leaving a streaky finish.


Wood Cleaner

Wood needs to be treated very carefully to keep it from deteriorating, discoloring and splintering.  Our wood cleaner does just that for decking, fencing, siding, playsets and outdoor wooden structures



Gutter Cleaner

This solvent is similar to house wash, a bit stronger to remove the blackk grime and "tiger stripes" that appear on gutters.   It is generally used on  white aluminum



Graffiti Remover

Grafitti (especially paint that has cured over time) often calls for grafitti remover- a solvent strong enough to remove paint while not damaging the material that it was sprayed on.



Canopy Cleaner

Our canopy cleaner is specifally formulated to be gentle on canvas and outdoor cloth while thoroughly cleaning it.




Oil Stain Remover

Oil stains from leaking car engines and accidents require a special solvent with grease remover added.

Stains and Finishes- We also offer staining, concrete and wood sealing and exterior finishes to beautify and preserve your home.