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Handyman Solutions has been painting homes in the Trinagle for over 25 Years.

Power Washing Service Henderson NC

Excellent Prep

Paint is only as good as the surface it is trying to adhere to.  If you paint a dirty or dusty surface, you are painting the dirt, not the surface.  If you paint a greasy surface, the paint may or may not adhere for now, but will peel quickly.  Handyman Solutions thoroughly degreases and power washes all exterior surfaces before we begin to caulk, prime or paint an exterior.

Because of the humid climate, many homes in central North Carolina have signs of wood and siding rot.  This need not alarm you- oour professional in-house carpenters can repair/replace rotted, warped or damaged siding before we stary the painting proecss.


Top-Of-The-Line Paint

If you are going to spend thousands to have the exterior of our home painted, spend a couple hundred more and purchase premium paint.  You will be glad you did.  not only will our work look better (better paint simply covers better), the paint will be thicker- insulating better and lasting longer.  Additionally, it should be resistant to chalking, fading and discoloring.

It's important that the water-based paints cover old water-based paint and oil-based paint covers old oil based paints.  If you want to cover a surface that currently has oil-based paint with new water-basted acrylic paint, the surface will need resurfaced- sanded, primed or both.

Our family has been painting homes in the Trinagle for over 25 years.  We know which paint to use for each project, and we will make sure you are guided properly.


Expert Painters

The final challenge is actually appying fresh paint to your home.  Our painters are experienced at spray paint and Brush & roll painting.  A steady hand, attention to detail and a passion for painting is what our painters will offer you.

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